Peptides Bond Structure

Peptides are short polymers of amino acids linked by peptide (amide) bond.

The Peptide bond

  • Formed by reaction of the carboxyl group of one amino acid with the amine group of another amino acid.
  • 1 molecule of water is released as a result

This leads to creation of multiple flat areas (not all in the same plane) in the peptides molecule, hence the structure becomes stable.

Peptide Structure can be classified into 4 levels:-

  • Primary Structure
  • Secondary Structure
  • Tertiary Structure
  • Quaternary Structure

Primary Structure

Amino acids are bonded from N-terminus to C-terminus in the primary sequence

Secondary Structure

Intramolecular Hydrogen bonds leads to 3 different motifs:

  • α-Helix
  • It is spiral down clockwise
  • Hydrogen Bonds are formed between the carboxyl oxygen and the amine hydrogen.
  • Side chains point away from the coil
  • β-Sheet
  • Hydrogen may or may not be parallel
  • Side chains stick out above and below
  • More rigid but less elastic than α-Helix


  • Coil

Complicated structure but not random

Ternary Structure

  • The 3D positions of atoms in space is determined by side chain and its interaction with the environment.


  • Hydrophilic side chain: It points outside in polar environment and points inside in non-polar
  • Hydrophobic side chain: It points inside in polar environment and points outside in non-polar


  • Disulphide bonds present also affect the 3D structure

Quaternary Structure

It is an assortment of subunits by non-covalent molecular bonds like Hydrogen bonds

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