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Plant extraction that beautify the world – Cosmetic products

The usage of plant extraction in the cosmetic industry is indispensable

Starting from Aloe vera to Calendula, the extracts from these plants are used in the nourishing of the skin and giving a glowing look for the people. It is these natural plant extraction that make the women to become angels.

The medicinal properties of aloe vera cannot be said in one or two paragraphs here. Its benefits in the production of skin lotions and sun burn creams are countless. The moisturizing and healing properties of the aloe vera extracts are under research and are still a topic of interest for many researchers. It is not only used in cosmetic, but also in the food industry mainly as a dessert. It has also been known for its healing properties of Pilates. However, it is less documented on this claim. Aloe vera extract, along with other plant extraction helps in the well being of the external appearance of the humans.

Close-up of vegetable juice

Extracts from Calendula on the other hand has both cosmetic and medicinal properties.

These flowers are commonly called as Marigold, which has yellow petal flowers that are used in medicinal areas. Ointments from Calendual extracts are found to be treating skin burns and radiation burns.

Another common and most widely known cosmetic herb is Acacia concinna, which is commonly called as Shikakai, traditionally meaning “Fruit for the hair”. The fruitplant extraction is used in hair care industry along with other natural extracts from long time. It is called as a traditional shampoo and have been in use from ancient times in India. Along with other natural extracts including the Indian goose berries, the plant extraction is extract forms a perfect alternative to the chemical hair conditioners. Even in the modern day of shampoos and soaps, the shikkai extract from this plant is incomparable in terms of the cooling effect it products on the head and the hair.


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